machinery background


Since the birth of the Industrial Revolution, the world has witnessed quite a long list of innovations and inventions that have played very important roles in affecting as well as facilitating our lives.

The economic effects of machinery manufacturing continues to extend throughout global economy since this is the industry that feeds others such as agriculture industry, food and beverage industry, aerospace industry, construction industry, automotive industry, energy industry, mining industry and
the list goes on.

Machinery manufacturing industry is supplying other manufacturing and service industries with indispensable; cost-healing; labour, time and energy-saving; cutting-edge technologies.

The highly competitive nature of this sector and companies’ devotion to technological innovation brings on a sweet challenge for OPTIMAL Mechatronics to work even harder and supply its customers with efficient, functional and economical products, industry-specific machinery and services. A very good example of our high-quality work is the huge Casting Racks that we have manufactured for an industrial ceramics business.

OPTIMAL Mechatronics & International Engineering Corporation does the following for its customers in the industrial machinery and equipment sector: 

  1. Design

  2. Automation

  3. Manufacturing

  4. Pre-installation & Testing

  5. Packing & Transport

  6. On-site Installation

  7. Commissioning

  8. Machinery and Work Equipment Relocation

  9. Machinery and Work Equipment Inspection, Maintenance and Repair


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