The fact that the use of chemicals and chemical processes goes back to 7000 B.C. leaves us with no room for doubt that Chemical Industry is one of the most significant sectors in real life.

This industry hugely contributes not only to businesses, but also to our everyday lives. How so?

Starting with the wide use of alkali and limestone among early-day-civilization artisans for producing glass to the use of chemicals for black powder, application of synthetic dyes in textile industry and synthetic fertilizers, which has since then paved the way for Green Revolution, Chemical Industry has undergone a drastic evolution over the years, leaving mankind with countless solutions for their everyday needs.

OPTIMAL Mechatronics & International Engineering Corporation contributes to businesses in the chemical industry by doing the following: 

  1.                     Design

  2.                     Automation

  3.                     Manufacturing

  4.                     Pre-installation & Testing

  5.                     Packing & Transport

  6.                     On-site Installation

  7.                     Commissioning

  8.                     Machinery and Work Equipment Relocation

  9.                     Machinery and Work Equipment Inspection,                          Maintenance and Repair


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