The Food and Beverage Industry continues to preserve its matchless role in building bigger economic opportunities all across the world as it is universal to our satisfaction of hunger, good health and well-being. Billions of people today grow food, transform it, trade it and cook it to earn their lives.

The Food and Beverage Industry massively contributes to agriculture, especially in developing countries. Agriculture, in return, leads to multiple profitable interactions between itself and many other economic sectors such as processed food industry; food and beverage retail industry; meat, poultry and dairy industry; restaurants and food services industry; alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage industry.

The Food and Beverage Industry offers its products to many places like cafes, restaurants, hospitals, factories, bars, hotels, schools and households while OPTIMAL Mechatronics & International Engineering Corporation offers its industrial products, solutions, services and turnkey production lines to its customers manufacturing in this industry as follows:

  1.                     Design

  2.                     Automation

  3.                     Manufacturing

  4.                     Pre-installation & Testing

  5.                     Packing & Transport

  6.                     On-site Installation

  7.                     Commissioning

  8.                     Machinery and Work Equipment Relocation

  9.                     Machinery and Work Equipment Inspection,                          Maintenance and Repair


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