Our Quality Policy

- To make production in accordance with International Standards / Specifications / Guidelines and Regulations.
- Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level based on customer requests and opinions.
- To ensure the continuous effectiveness of the Quality Management System and the continuous improvement and development of process performances.
- Delivering all transactions on time and in accordance with the term.
- Provide competitive price advantage over our competitors.
- To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level based on customer requests and opinions.
- To cooperate with our suppliers to increase quality awareness.

Environmental Policy

- To provide environmental trainings to all employees and to encourage an active role in environmentally sensitive activities with a common sense of responsibility from senior management to the lowest level.
- To be a pioneer in the machinery sector and adapt innovations to its processes in order to maintain this quality.
- Establishing a systematic system that identifies the environmental risks that may occur during its activities at its source and ensures its elimination in accordance with the legal regulations.
- To try to prevent pollution at the source by considering environmental impacts in product and service realization processes.
- To implement a resource management that includes natural and other resources with a sustainable development approach.
- Comply with all legal regulations in force in the environment and fulfill compliance obligations.
- Implementing an Environmental Management System in accordance with TS EN ISO 14001 Standard in accordance with the determined objectives and targets, and ensuring its continuity and development.
- To instill environmental awareness and environmental approach to employees for a sustainable environment.

OHS Policy

- Comply with all legal regulations in force in relation to OHS and fulfill compliance obligations.
- Providing consultation and participation by taking the opinions of the employees through the employee representative.
- Establishing a healthy and safe working environment, conducting health surveillance of the employees, preventing the occurrence of occupational diseases and performing activities to prevent occupational accidents.
- To identify occupational health and safety risks and to minimize these risks with necessary measures.
- To fulfill the requirements of the current legislation, laws and to comply with the conditions of the organizations we are a member of.
- Provide the necessary training to the appropriate people.
- Making necessary preparations for emergencies (accidents, etc.).
- To monitor the performance of the Occupational Health and Safety system through audits.
- Initiate remedial activities as necessary based on monitoring results.
- Documenting the work related to Occupational Health and Safety and recording the results.
- To continuously improve occupational health and safety management and performance.


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